denoting or located in an urban area that has previously been built on

Durlings Chartered Surveyors and Property Consultants has launched a hunt for the region’s brownfield sites.

The Tunbridge Wells Chartered Surveyors and Property Consultants has added a Brownfield Register to its website to allow people to highlight sites with planning permission or have potential to be redeveloped.

The register aims to highlight sites across Kent and East Sussex which are currently a blight on the landscape and which, with the right approach, could be redeveloped.

The Government announced its intention to create a statutory register of brownfield land as part of its proposed Housing Bill and a zonal system for brownfield land to potentially allow automatic permission for housebuilding.

The measures are all part of a drive to reduce impediments in the planning process and enable more homes to be delivered. Recent RICS research has shown that over 226,000 new homes could be built on existing brownfield land over the next four years.

“The Government has confirmed its determination to see brownfield sites used in preference to further greenbelt development and, particularly in rural areas like Kent and East Sussex,” said Rupert Farrant. “This has to be a good thing.”

“The Campaign to Protect Rural England’s Waste of Space online project was the inspiration for our own interactive brownfield register. It proved that crowd sourcing information works on many levels and its call to the public to nominate brownfield sites suitable for redevelopment led to a register of some 400 sites being highlighted. It was, however, by no means extensive in Kent and East Sussex.

“I hope that Durlings Brownfield Register will help to identify the sites we all see every day and wonder why nothing is done about them. We can then take steps to deliver well designed, sensitively managed redevelopment.”

To add a site to the register simply email a picture and the location to info@durlings.co.uk

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